Ashtanga is a multipurpose tool

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

Consider why you practice yoga. Understanding why you practice will help you choose the right tools, approach, and support for your practice.

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

Think Of Your Practice In Terms Of Decades – 20 Years

Sometime in the late fall 2020, I crossed a milestone that seems worth reflecting on. I don’t remember the month anymore because it’s been too long, but sometime in late fall 2020 I entered my 20th year of continuous Ashtanga practice. And, what came to my mind was some advice I heard years ago from Tim Miller, via one of …

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The Year Of Not Knowing

Christine offers some thoughts on working with the discomfort of the unknown in our yoga practice on and off the mat.

Compassion And Giving Back

Compassion In The Time Of COVID

Christine writes about holding yourself with compassion first and then offers some options to help others in this difficult time.