Mysore in Asheville

Our Mysore in Asheville Dream: A Bit Of History and Our Intentions Going Forward

Mysore in Asheville

Students practice Mysore-style Ashtanga in our West Asheville space.

First, a big thanks to everyone who has come out for Mysore practice since the opening of our new space. We’re very excited to be sharing our dream with all of you.

My Mysore History

When I first moved to Miami in 2002, I had no idea that finding a Mysore style Ashtanga studio was going to change the direction of my life. When I began practicing Mysore-style Ashtanga in Miami, I had already been doing various kinds of yoga for about eight years. When I moved to Miami and went to my first Mysore-style Ashtanga practice, I knew this was REALLY different. The one-on-one coaching and the space to go at my own pace were not something I had ever experienced before in a yoga class. That approach changed how I understood a yoga practice and it changed my understanding of what was possible in a yoga practice.

If I could learn the Ashtanga practice then anyone could learn Ashtanga, provided it’s broken down into something that’s accessible and works in their life. The only requirements for learning Ashtanga in the Mysore method are a willingness to learn a little at a time, a willingness to practice consistently, and patience to allow practice to evolve.

When I moved to Gainesville, there was no Mysore Ashtanga program. One of my early Mysore teachers encourage me to teach, so in 2007 I did, starting with a group of three students who really wanted to learn. In reality we learned from each other. Teaching Mysore is in itself a practice.

Meeting Jared

Over the years our Gainesville Mysore community grew. Just when I was realizing that the teaching commitment was more than I could maintain on my own, Jared joined our Gainesville Mysore community in 2009.

When Jared accepted a job in Asheville after graduate school, we had a shared dream of continuing to teach together, but most importantly, a dream of continuing to offer to others all of the wonderful things that we had experienced in being a part of a Mysore community.  We wanted to provide a space for Mysore in Asheville.

Meeting Jonathan

Jared and I first met Jonathan when we were visiting Asheville in 2015 and looking for an apartment to get Jared settled here before I could move. We connected right away with Jonathan over our shared love of the Ashtanga practice. Jonathan was enthusiastic about our dream for Mysore in Asheville. We’ve valued Jonathan’s friendship and all his contributions to how we understand and share the Ashtanga practice in all the years since that day!

Going Forward: Mysore in Asheville

I share these bits of history with you, because when going forward, it’s good to know something about where you’ve already come from.

All three of us are excited to see our dream of Mysore in Asheville come together. Our intentions are to offer all the things about this approach to yoga that we ourselves value as students:

  • A safe space for yoga practice just as you are
  • One-on-one coaching for YOUR practice
  • Space and time for your practice to evolve
  • Skilled teachers who practice what they teach – we are all students first!
  • A student-centered and practice-focused program – there’s no boutique to sell you fancy yoga pants and there is no instagram photo challenge. It’s just practice.

Meeting students where they are is my teaching philosophy. Our focus is on supporting you in your practice.

If you haven’t been to practice in the new space yet, sign up for class and come check it out!
Thank you Asheville Mysore community. We’re glad you’re here!