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At Ashtanga Yoga Asheville, practitioners of ALL levels are welcome.

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We are reorganizing post-covid. Current schedule and location vary. Please contact the studio for current schedule and location.

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  • $17: drop in class

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Christine Wiese

Christine began a dedicated Ashtanga practice in 2001. The practice is a keystone, which uses the laboratory of the body to entrain fundamental patterns that ripple into other facets of her life. The Ashtanga practice continues to fascinate and surprise her. Her passion for the practice and for sharing it in the traditional way inspired her to begin to learn to teach this method in 2007. David Keil (yoganatomy.com) has been her primary teacher since 2006. She continues to practice with him several times a year, so that she always remains a student first. She was fortunate to make one trip to Mysore, India to practice with Sharath Rangaswamy in 2013. Christine is also a licensed massage therapist (NC license # 15593) specializing in connective tissue therapy and structural integration. You can learn more about her massage work at themovementpuzzle.com

Jonathan Harrah

In 2006 I started Ashtanga at the great studio Yoga Mitte in Stuttgart, Germany. I've been doing Ashtanga since. I completed Asheville Community Yoga’s 21 Day Intensive Yoga Teacher Training program and I'm a ERYT 200 hour certified yoga teacher. Through the years of my Ashtanga practice I have found myself in workshops with many humans greater than myself. I have trained with and received teachings from David Swenson, Chuck Miller, David Keil, and other Ashtanga practitioners. Having had over 300 hours of training from Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann, I consider them the teachers that have most helped bring change into my life and practice. I continue with Ashtanga, developing my practice and helping others find theirs. Be well. Ashtanga: breath, move, live.


Jared Westbrook

I began practicing Ashtanga in 2009 while pursuing a Phd. I was hooked by the emphasis on breath linked with movement, the personalized instruction, and the empowerment of self-practice. Prior to moving to Asheville, I learned to assist in the Mysore room by apprenticing with Christine Wiese for five years. Each year I also spend a week or two practicing with Christine’s teacher, David Keil. I was fortunate to attend an intensive at Purple Valley in Goa, India with David, his wife Gretchen, and their teacher, John Scott. I also made a trip to Mysore to study with Sharath Jois. A facet of practice that continues to fascinate me is maintaining a calm full breath while practicing progressively more difficult poses. Practice lends a sense of stability to my life. It provides feedback and a mirror for how I spend time off the mat. I hope to give back a fraction of what this practice has given to me.