How To Practice Yoga

How To Practice Yoga

Christine answers a question about how to practice yoga. She discusses the benefits of self-practice as well as the benefits of practicing in community.

The Three Gunas

The Three Gunas and Me

Almost to the end of practice. Breathing. Setting up for my nonexistent meditation practice. Then rest which I love and hate. Baddha padmasana to Yoga mudra. Sometimes the ones Manju showed me to padmasana. Hand forms chin mudra. Chin mudra, connecting myself with the true-self. Control over the three gunas: sattva, rajas, and tamas — What are the three gunas? …

Yoga and Science 2019

Svadhyaya: Yoga and Science + Practice with Manju

In January this year, all of the teachers at Ashtanga Yoga Asheville took some time to be students and do some svadhyaya (study). Christine and Jared attended a Yoga and Science conference and Jonathan spent some time practicing with Manju Jois (son of Pattabhi Jois). Read on for a summary of what we learned. Yoga and Science Conference Eddie Stern, …

Yoga and Concentration

Cultivating Concentration and Attention On and Off of the Mat

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the concentration aspect of practice. Is concentration something that one can practice and develop? How is what we are doing the rest of the day affecting our ability to concentrate? How does practicing concentration translate to the rest of our lives? When I first started practicing the Ashtanga asana sequences I was in grad school. …

Phoenix Rising From The Ashes Of Myth

Myths of Ashtanga: The Origin Story

I’m late to the table for this discussion, for a couple reasons. One, because I’m not on social media. And two, I made a conscious decision long ago to focus on developing my own teaching rather than looking around to see what everyone else was doing. But, by not keeping up with the Jones, sometimes I also come late to …

Aprigraha Is Non-greediness

Aparigraha: Jonathan Gives A Lesson

Last time on Yoga Blog: Brahmacharya brought us love through acceptance and surrendering to the greater Self. The journey through the yamas continues, and as always, the others are still around to reread and ponder on. Now for the last yama. “Atha Yoganusasanam.” Fifth yama! Aparigraha… What is aparigraha? Aparigraha: non-greed, non-attaining, renouncing all but the necessary, rejecting. Aparigraha returns …

Yoga Teachers - My Lineage

What’s A Yoga Teacher For?

There’s been a lot of negative press lately about teachers, particularly yoga teachers, with many voices on social media and elsewhere deciding that they don’t, in fact, need a yoga teacher. Perhaps they don’t. It is not for me to decide anyone else’s path. There is sometimes a lot of rhetoric in the Ashtanga community around having a yoga teacher, …


Brahmacharya: Jonathan Gives A Lesson

Last time on Yoga Blog: Asteya reminded us of all the things we steal and a small bit about letting go and allowing freedom to happen. A freedom found through true purpose. Asteya, non-stealing. Need a refresher? Treat yourself to a reread of any of the blog posts (Ahimsa, Satya). Then, continue your journey towards Yoga. “Atha Yoganusasanam.” Fourth yama! …

Why Do Yoga Practice in the Morning?

How to Get Up for Yoga Practice in the Morning

First off, let me say that there is no “right” time to do yoga practice. There are pros and cons to practicing at any time of day and the “right” time is the one that you can do. Even in Mysore, India, at the main shala, Sharath teaches both morning and afternoon classes. The visiting students practice in the morning. …