Why Learn Yoga Philosophy?

Why Learn Yoga Philosophy?

Where is your yoga practice going? There is a lot of media coverage on yoga that promises yoga will provide just about every benefit under the sun. And the exciting part is that actual research backs up many of those claims. Yoga can certainly provide many physical health and wellness benefits. Ashtanga yoga in particular will definitely increase physical strength …

Direction For Yoga Practice

Some Direction For Yoga Practice

There is a never-ending process of unfolding that happens when you engage with earning the Ashtanga practice. I’m still surprised by the practice and what the tools of the practice show me as I incorporate them in new ways into my own life. At the beginning though, when you’re first starting, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit disoriented or …

Travel and Yoga Practice

Travel And Yoga Practice

Jonathan shares his experience practicing while traveling and some guidelines for being a considerate traveling yogi.

Eddie Stern's book One Simple Thing

Thoughts On Yoga And ‘One Simple Thing’

If you missed our yoga conference at the end of July, you missed a great discussion on Eddie Stern’s new book on yoga, One Simple Thing. In this post, I’ll try to summarize the highlights of the discussion for those who couldn’t make it. I would encourage anyone with an interest in yoga to read Eddie’s new book. It’s one …

How To Practice Yoga

How To Practice Yoga

Christine answers a question about how to practice yoga. She discusses the benefits of self-practice as well as the benefits of practicing in community.

The Three Gunas

The Three Gunas and Me

Almost to the end of practice. Breathing. Setting up for my nonexistent meditation practice. Then rest which I love and hate. Baddha padmasana to Yoga mudra. Sometimes the ones Manju showed me to padmasana. Hand forms chin mudra. Chin mudra, connecting myself with the true-self. Control over the three gunas: sattva, rajas, and tamas — What are the three gunas? …

Yoga and Science 2019

Svadhyaya: Yoga and Science + Practice with Manju

In January this year, all of the teachers at Ashtanga Yoga Asheville took some time to be students and do some svadhyaya (study). Christine and Jared attended a Yoga and Science conference and Jonathan spent some time practicing with Manju Jois (son of Pattabhi Jois). Read on for a summary of what we learned. Yoga and Science Conference Eddie Stern, …