What is Mysore-style Yoga?

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a flowing style of yoga that integrates breath, posture, and focused gaze. The practice is effective at cultivating increased concentration, strength, and flexibility. Mysore style, or assisted self-practice, is the traditional method of learning Ashtanga vinyasa yoga.


How to get started

You can begin with either:

1) A 5-day small group workshop

  • These are scheduled monthly. Covid protocols are in place for in-person workshops.

2) An individual private yoga session.

  • These can be scheduled between 8:30am and 3pm Monday thru Friday; or 5-7pm Tues/Thurs

Contact us by email or text to ask about the upcoming schedule of 5-day small group workshops or to schedule a private yoga session.

Who Is Mysore-style Ashtanga for?

Mysore-style is the most effective method for ANYONE to learn Ashtanga yoga from the ground up. Learn yoga at a pace that is tailored to your energy and physical abilities.

This might be a good fit for you if:

  • You're a beginner who wants to get started with yoga, but feel overwhelmed with big conventional yoga classes
  • You're a long-term yoga practitioner who wants to explore more depth and challenge in your practice
  • You want to develop/have developed a regular home yoga practice, but could benefit from support and checking in with a teacher
  • You're interested in gaining a better understanding of the subtle practices of yoga like breathing, concentration, and mindfulness

What Mysore-style Ashtanga offers:

  • Small groups and individualized instruction
  • No pressure to keep up with others
  • Guidance from experienced teachers
  • Potential for depth and internal focus
  • Support from a community of practitioners

What to expect:

  • You don’t need to know the sequence to attend Mysore-style classes!
  • We will work with you pose by pose to develop your practice sequence.
  • Typically, your first practice will take less than an hour.
  • We’ll work with you to accommodate any injuries or issues.

Want to get started?

  • Sign up on this page: Mysore Workshop Registration 
  • Or email christine(at)themovementpuzzle.com or text Christine at: 352-215-0130 with questions
  • Covid protocols in place for in-person group classes.